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Pro custom Bauer goalie gear
Retail price: $2,000
Jake Oettinger Bauer Mach/Ultrasonic Set
Retail price: $2,300
Retail price: $800
Bauer Mach Goalie Set 35+ Large
Retail price: $2,500
Bauer Hyperlite 2 Full Set
Retail price: $3,000
Bauer M5 Pro Pads
Retail price: $1,400

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Bauer Hockey Goalie Full Sets Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Bauer goalie pads?

Vapor goalie pads

Bauer’s Vapor 1X goalie pads have a lightweight tapered flex core with Curv Composite inserts. Their Tune Fit strapping system provides a comfortable fit while optimizing balance. Vapor pads feature a double break -- one above and one below the knee -- and a soft boot, which cater well to goalies who rely more on their creativity and reflexes than their technical ability.

Supreme goalie pads

Supreme 2S Pro pads have what’s called C.O.R.T.E.C.H ST skin, a technology exclusive to Bauer, to provide a tight seal while maintaining the pads’ shape. Unlike Vapor pads, Supreme pads feature a single break below the knee, and a stiff boot to cater to technical goalies.

The Supreme S27 has a custom rotation system for faster butterflying with less wear on hips and knees. With a flat front and stiffer profile, these pads are great for recreational and beginner players.