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Easton Mako Beast Baseball Bats Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Notes

The Easton Mako Beast is proof that some bats surpass their expected expiration date. Released in 2017, this Easton model offers a deadly combo of a light swing and a big barrel to create a terrifying bat for we pitchers. The two-piece, composite Mako Beast evolved from Easton’s legendary Mako bat series (my favorite metal bat of all time), but was updated to include a longer barrel than the original Mako. Aside from that, not much else has changed between older Mako models and the 2018 Mako Beast (not including this bat’s sweet black matte colorway with grey accents). Although Easton has released a number of excellent metal bats over the years, many hitters consider the 2017 Beast Mako to be one of their all-time best. And if you use this bat, you might reach your peak, as well.