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New Wilson A2000 B2 12"
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Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves & Mitts

The Wilson A2000 series is a top-of-the-line option designed for serious baseball players willing to invest in a glove that will last for many seasons. Since its introduction in 1957, the A2000 has been the industry standard. Made from Pro Stock leather, the A2000 provides durability and a comfortable feel that improves over time. This glove is known for its deep pocket for reliable catching and a variety of web patterns to suit different fielding positions. Whether you need an infield glove for quick transfers, a durable catcher mitt, or an outfield glove for expansive coverage, there's a Wilson A2000 to match your needs.

Perfect glove for:
Players looking for an iconic glove that makes fielding, catching, and every defensive play easier.

Key features include:

Pro Stock LeatherWilson tiple-sorts the leather hides for consistency and flawlessness, using only the top 5% of hides when crafting the A2000.
Durable ConstructionSome A2000 feature SuperSkin, a microfiber material that’s half the weight of Pro Stock Leather, but twice as durable.
Comfort Pro FitFeaturing a rich liner that feels soft against your hand. The all-new Comfort Sleeve conceals the binding in the wrist for more comfort than ever before.
Rolled Dual WeltingIntegrated into the liner of each infield, outfield and pitcher's model, this features offers better support and helps the glove hold its shape.

Top Competitors

The Wilson A2000 glove prioritizes quality and performance while offering a balance that caters to a wide range of players. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide is similar to the A2000, as it's favored by many professional players and offers a variety of infield and outfield options. The Mizuno Pro Select series uses Japanese leather known for its lightweight feel and quick break-in time.

Popular Versions

Julio Rodrigez A2000 JR44 GM

Superstar outfielder Julio Rodriguez burst onto the scene in Seattle and designed his A2000 in Navy Blue and Blonde to ride the Pacific Northwest wave. It features a modified wrist strap and wider pinky stall to create a secure feel when running, fielding, and throwing.

Wilson A2000 DP15

The DP15 is Dustin Pedroia’s glove's game model and has become one of the most popular A2000s ever. This glove is suitable for young teens and adults who want a snugger fit. 

Wilson A2000 Glove Day 1810

One of Wilson's most popular gloves, the Glove Day 1810 12.75” outfield model is engineered for a secure fit, especially when worn with two fingers in the pinky stall. It features a clean look and stands out for its simplicity, premium leather, and iconic patterns. 

👍 Pros
The pocket forms nicely, the lacing and inside palm of the glove are very high quality and hold together nicely.
My son absolutely loves this glove. He’s 13 and plays first and third. Break in was easy and replaced his old glove fast.
This baseball glove is constructed of great quality materials. The fit is great! The feel is great! The shape is great!
👎 Cons
We have had this glove for almost 2 years, not even close to being broken in. So disappointed!
The glove only lasted 7 months of regular use.
After 1 week of use the web blew out, had to replace it. Unacceptable for a new glove.

The A2000 is made from Pro Stock leather and built for play at the highest level. It’s durable, easy to work with, and one of the top gloves in the game right now. Wilson uses this glove for most custom models, and it’s also available for every position on the field. It’s a popular choice with elite high school and collegiate players as well as pros.


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