CCM RBZ Stage 2 Hockey Sticks

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CCM RBZ Stage 2 One-Piece Hockey Sticks Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The original CCM RBZ stick featured a custom kick point. Prior to the OG CCM RBZ, a custom kick point was not something that was very widespread. CCM engineered a flex profile that changed and adapted to the location of a player's bottom hand. Another feature of the RBZ is its hollow and foamless SpeedBlade. This blade design gives players amazing pop on their shots. For the RBZ Stage 2, CCM teamed up with golf manufacturer TaylorMade to create the SpeedBlade 2. This redesigned blade increases C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) by 20% compared to the original SpeedBlade. This translates to a more efficient energy transfer from the puck to the blade. If you’re looking for speed behind your shots, the RBZ Stage 2 is a great option.