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Senior Used True TF9 Hockey Skates Wide Width Size 7
Retail price: $600
Bauer ignite pro hockey skates Zuperior Profiled
Retail price: $225
Tour Volt Pro
Retail price: $900

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Used Player Skates Frequently Asked Questions

What size hockey skates should I buy?

A correctly fitted hockey skate is usually 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size. However, every skate company has a unique hockey skate sizing methodology. Here are two tricks you can do on your own to determine what size hockey skates you should buy. First, if you own a pair of dress shoes, you are probably the same hockey skate size as you are in dress shoes -- these numbers align to be the same more often than not. Second, you can always trace your foot and measure its length; once you determine your foot’s length, you can compare it to the sizing charts that major skate manufacturers provide.

Hockey skates are classified into three categories: senior hockey skates, junior hockey skates and youth hockey skates. For senior skates, choose a pair of skates that are about 1.5 sizes smaller than your street shoes are. When buying junior or youth skates, choose skates that are one size smaller than your street shoes.

Why buy used hockey skates?

Used hockey skates are perhaps best suited for two main groups of hockey players. The first being beginners, or youth players who haven't quite decided yet if they plan to stick with the sport. The second group is teenage and high school age players. If you are a player who is still growing, we recommend buying a pair of high-end, gently used skates. Top-of-the-line skates should last at least two seasons, sometimes three if you're not skating every day. Growing players can outgrow as many as three pairs of skates in a single season, so it's wise to buy a more affordable pair of used skates rather than spend top dollar on brand new wheels.