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Bauer Supreme Skate - Size 6D
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Bauer Supreme Skates Buying Guide

About the Bauer Supreme skate family

Built for explosive power, Bauer Supreme skates are anatomical, mid-volume skates optimized for an extra-snug, customized fit. Featuring a standard, mid heel pocket and toe box, Bauer Supreme skates cater to mid instep and ankle wrap needs allowing players the ability to extend their legs easier for a complete, powerful stride every time.

Bauer Supreme - Key Features

  • Range of motion with optimal wrap
  • Maximum stride length and power output
  • Straight line speed

Bauer Supreme - Specs

In general, skates within the Supreme family all have the following specifications:

Model FamilyVolume / Fit TypeToe WidthHeel WidthFitFeel
Bauer SupremeMediumStandardStandardExtra SnugAnatomical
  • Volume / Fit Type: Medium
  • Toe Width: Standard
  • Heel Width: Standard
  • Fit: Extra Snug
  • Feel: Anatomical

How to choose the right Bauer Supreme skate

With a large selection of different Bauer Supreme skates, SidelineSwap makes it easy to find a skate that fits both your foot and your budget.

Finding the right fit - Bauer Performance Fit System

In the past, Bauer skates came in 3 main styles of fit:

  • (C / N) = Narrow
  • ( D / R) = Regular
  • (EE / W) = Wide

Recently with new technological advancements, Bauer has redesigned their traditional skate width / fit measurement system to provide better options. The Bauer Performance Fit System has 3 fit types each with different properties and characteristics.

FitVolumeWidthDesigned For
Bauer Fit 1LowNarrowLow Profile Feet
Bauer Fit 2MediumMediumMid Profile Feet
Bauer Fit 3HighWideHigh Profile Feet
Traditional Skate WidthSupreme
Vapor D WidthFit 1
Vapor EE WidthFit 2
Supreme D WidthFit 2
Supreme EE WidthFit 3
Nexus D WidthFit 3
Nexus EE WidthFit 3
JetSpeed D WidthFit 1
JetSpeed EE WidthFit 2
Tacks D WidthFit 2
Tacks EE WidthFit 3
Ribcor D WidthFit 2
Ribcor EE WidthFit 3

Some popular Bauer Supreme skates include: