CCM Tacks 110 Hockey Helmets

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CCM Tacks 110 Helmet Buying Guide

About CCM Tacks 110 Hockey Helmets

The sleek CCM Tacks 110 is a value-level hockey helmet made for players who need impact absorption and maximum air flow.

With a two-piece shell for impact absorption, air venting for maximum air flow, and a tool-free adjustment system for a personalized fit, the CCM Tacks 110 has everything you need to take your game to the next level.

ModelPriceLevel of PlayBuilt For
CCM Tacks 110$$$AnyImpact absorption and maximum air flow

CCM Tacks 110 - Key Features

  • A two-piece shell for impact absorption.
  • Air venting for maximum air flow.
  • A tool-free adjustment system for a personalized fit.

CCM Tacks 110 - Specs

ModelPaddingLinerAdjustable LengthTool Free AdjustabilityHelmet Certifications
CCM Tacks 110Maximize Protective CapabilitiesMulti density foamYesYesCSA, HECC and CE
  • Padding: Maximize Protective Capabilities
  • Liner: Multi density foam
  • Adjustable Length: Yes
  • Tool Free Adjustability: Yes
  • Helmet Certifications: CSA, HECC and CE

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