Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmets

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Used XS Bauer 5100 Helmet
Retail price: $120

Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

About Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmets

The Bauer 5100 is a cutting edge, value-level hockey helmet engineered for beginner and intermediate-level players who want comfort and ease at securing a proper fit.

With a triple-density padding system for comfort and quick clip adjustments for ease at securing a proper fit, the Bauer 5100 brings exceptional performance.

ModelPriceLevel of PlayBuilt For
Bauer 5100$$Beginner and intermediateComfort and ease at securing a proper fit

Bauer 5100 - Key Features

  • A triple-density padding system for comfort.
  • Quick clip adjustments for ease at securing a proper fit.

Bauer 5100 - Specs

ModelPaddingLinerAdjustable LengthTool Free AdjustabilityHelmet Certifications
Bauer 5100Hx-Sorb/Comfort FoamTriple density foam linerNoYesCSA, HECC, CE
  • Padding: Hx-Sorb/Comfort Foam
  • Liner: Triple density foam liner
  • Adjustable Length: No
  • Tool Free Adjustability: Yes
  • Helmet Certifications: CSA, HECC, CE

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