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Shred Basher FIS legal helmet
Retail price: $179

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Shred Ski Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

Technology + Features of Shred ski helmets

Shred ski helmets come to you from one of the best American alpine skiers in history, Ted Ligety. He’s a cofounder of Shred, a ski and snowboard company specializing in goggles and helmets.

Shred’s helmets feature industry-leading tech, including the RES Rotational Energy Management System and Slytech’s NoShock cushioning system which minimizes effects felt from impacts to the head.

Popular Shred ski helmets

For specific models, we recommend the Basher NoShock racing helmet, which offers FIS-certified full coverage protection for the true outdoor enthusiast. The Basher NoShock fits comfortably, and features an antimicrobial lining to keep your helmet fresh after a long day on the mountain.

Winter adventurers who want a more streamlined look will delight in Shred’s Half Brain D-Lux Ski Helmet. Features include a molded ABS half-shell design, removable ear pads, and integrated ventilation. This full-featured helmet comes equipped with Shred’s Perfect Fit Finder adjustable wheel so you can always achieve a customized fit.