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Warrior Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

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Warrior was founded by David Morrow back in 1992. The company made waves in the lacrosse world with its titanium shaft -- the first of its kind. Since then, Warrior has continued to be a leader in innovation in the lacrosse equipment world. In 2016, Warrior shook up the industry again, but this time with a never-before-seen lacrosse head: the Evo Warp. The Warp -- branded as “a head of its time” -- has garnered much attention since its initial release, stirring up conversation among lacrosse enthusiasts everywhere. It’s a polarizing piece of equipment, and opinions differ pretty drastically depending on who you’re talking to. The main split is between traditionalists and innovators. The Warp is unique in that it’s pre-strung in a way that makes it “game ready” -- in other words, it’s designed so that you don’t need to break it in.

Outside of the Warp, Warrior’s more traditional head models include the Evo 5 X and the Burn 2. The Burn line is known for being lightweight, so these heads are a great option for players who value speed and a quick release.