Warrior Covert QRL Hockey Sticks

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Warrior Covert QRL One-Piece Hockey Sticks Frequently Asked Questions

About the Warrior Covert QRL

Generally considered an elite level hockey stick at a lower price point, the Warrior Covert QRL is designed for versatility, quick release, and accuracy.

With minumus carbon construction, a straight sidewall shaft, a low-kickpoint, and a SoftCore X Foam Core blade, the Covert QRL is a standard weight stick that offers both quick release and versatility: two important must-haves for any hockey player seeking to get the most out of their stick.

ModelLevel of PlayPriceBuilt For
Warrior Covert QRLElite$$Versatility, Quick release

Warrior Covert QRL - Key Features

  • Designed for quick release.
  • Features a a low-kickpoint for versatility.
  • Durable Minumus Carbon construction.
  • Built with a straight sidewall shaft.
  • Versatility further enhanced by a SoftCore X Foam Core blade.

Warrior Covert QRL - Specs

  • Weight: 406g
  • Length(s): 60in
  • Kickpoint: Low-kickpoint
  • Construction Material: Minumus Carbon
  • Shaft: Straight sidewall
  • Blade: SoftCore X Foam Core
  • Taper: Dagger III tapered
ModelWeightLength(s)KickpointConstruction MaterialShaftBladeTaper
Warrior Covert QRL406g60inLowMinumus CarbonStraight sidewallSoftCore X Foam Coredagger III tapered

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