Warrior Covert QRE Pro Hockey Sticks

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Warrior Covert QRE Pro One-Piece Hockey Sticks Frequently Asked Questions

About Warrior Covert QRE Pro Hockey Sticks

The Warrior Covert QRE Pro is a state-of-the-art, value hockey stick designed for advanced-level players seeking exceptional on-ice performance.

With Minimus Carbon 1000 construction, a round corner, straight sidewall shaft, and a FuelCore blade, the Warrior Covert QRE Pro offers power and quick release.

ModelPriceLevel of PlayBuilt For
Warrior Covert QRE Pro$$$AdvancedPower and quick release

Warrior Covert QRE Pro - Key Features

  • Minimus Carbon 1000 construction.
  • A round corner, straight sidewall shaft.
  • A FuelCore blade.

Warrior Covert QRE Pro - Specs

Warrior Covert QRE Pro447gLowMinimus Carbon 1000Round corners, straight sidewallsFuelCore
  • Weight: 447g
  • Kickpoint: Low
  • Construction: Minimus Carbon 1000
  • Shaft: Round corners, straight sidewalls
  • Blade: FuelCore

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