CCM Super Tacks Hockey Sticks

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CCM Super Tacks One-Piece Hockey Sticks Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The CCM Super Tacks hockey stick is the third generation of CCM’s famous Tacks stick line. CCM continues to innovate to create new and improved iterations of their Tacks sticks, with the latest Super Tacks stick optimizing for an increase in shot power; in addition, the CCM Super Tacks maintains a quick release on shots and passes. Another addition to the Super Tacks twig is a stiffer hosel area, combined with a softer upper handle.

CCM's patented Bumper Tech is another feature carried over into the latest Super Tacks stick design. Bumper Tech reinforces the edges of a stick's shaft, which helps fortify the stick to better withstand impacts and prevent micro-fractures from spreading throughout the stick.

Expert Notes

The RibCor lineup continues to get better and this stick is a ton of fun in all areas of the game. The RibCor Trigger 2 PMT stick has a very identifiable kick point. It releases low in the shaft, and has great feel when ripping snap shots or passes. The shaft has a nice taper and change in shape as it moves towards the blade, which contributes to the soft, flexy release. If you’re a toe shooter, the combo of the lower flex point combined with a stiffer toe and strong blade will complement each other perfectly for your shooting style.