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Easton Synergy Stick
Retail price: $200
Easton S19 Dressed as Easton Stealth CX 70 flex P28
Retail price: $250

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Easton Hockey Sticks Frequently Asked Questions

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Image of Stealth CX
From: $60 - $85
21 available
#21 in Sticks

Product Description

Designed with the pure shooter in mind, Easton’s Stealth CX is a long running favorite amongst pros and elite level hockey players. It offers a relatively stiff blade construction, low kick-point, and an EC100 Carbon Fiber matrix shaft with an extra tough resin matrix. With Easton’s Hyperlite design, you can rest assured that any excess material in the stick’s taper has been removed, resulting in an ultra balanced and lightweight feel on the ice.

Expert Notes

The Easton Stealth CX stick has great weight distribution. It feels quite light all the way through the shaft, but there’s just the right amount of weight localized at the blade. The shaft has a more rounded shape which is easy on the hands and allows for smooth rotation when handling the puck. The blade is very firm and has no problems with buckling or opening up when releasing shots. These sticks are unbelievably responsive and easy to handle.

Image of Synergy HTX
From: $40 - $70
17 available
#22 in Sticks

Product Description

Easton reinvented our understanding of hockey sticks when it released the Synergy back in 2001 as the first ever, true composite stick. Since then, the Synergy has continued to draw rave reviews. The HTX plays particularly stiff thanks mostly to its Hypertuned construction which keeps the stick’s blade as stiff as the stick’s shaft. It’s blade, with Hypertoe technology, offers a similar feel and is designed for players who rely heavily on their stick’s toe for loading and sniping shots.

Expert Notes

The Synergy HTX stick offers a lot of similar characteristics that Easton loyalists will be familiar with from past sticks from the Synergy line. This includes a classic shaft shape, an overall well-balanced stick, and a strong blade. The strength of the blade is a big plus on this twig, as it does a great job of dampening hard passes and improving puck control while being firm on shot releases. The flex through the shaft is fairly evenly distributed, versus having one localized kick point.