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Cleveland Golf Wedges Frequently Asked Questions

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From: $22 - $37
217 available
#5 in Wedges

About the Cleveland Tour Action

The exceptional Cleveland 588 Tour Action is an inexpensive wedge built for glare reduction and increased versatility.

With conforming grooves for maximum spin, a tour satin finish for glare reduction, and a refined sole design for increased versatility, the Cleveland Tour Action optimized for glare reduction and increased versatility.

WedgePriceBuilt For
Cleveland 588 Tour Action$Glare reduction and increased versatility

Cleveland 588 Tour Action - Key Features

  • Conforming grooves for maximum spin.
  • Refined sole design for increased versatility.
  • Tour satin finish for glare reduction.

Cleveland 588 Tour Action - Specs

LoftBounceLieLengthSwing WeightGroove
50º64º35.5"D4Precision Milled Grooves
52º64º35.5"D4Precision Milled Grooves
54º14º64º35.375"D5Precision Milled Grooves
56º14º64º35.375"D5Precision Milled Grooves
58º64º35.188"D5Precision Milled Grooves
60º64º35.188"D5Precision Milled Grooves