Louisville Slugger Select PWR Bat

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Louisville Slugger Select PWR Bat

The Louisville Slugger Select PWR (Power) series caters to power hitters, combining an end-loaded swing weight with innovations for maximum momentum and distance. The stiff composite handle provides tons of control, while the massive EXD alloy barrel offers a large sweet spot for consistent, explosive pop. Louisville Slugger remains at the forefront of advancements in bat technology, delivering bats that perform up to the brand’s legendary past.

Perfect bat for:
Players seeking a hybrid bat with a big barrel and heavier-than-average swing weight.

Key features include:

EXD AlloyEnables a larger sweet spot for explosive power and unmatched feel at contact.
Three-Piece ConstructionIncorporates the VCX Vibration Control Connection System, significantly reducing hand sting.
PWR End CapEnhances the bat's momentum and maximizes swing speed for an explosive impact.
Premium LS Pro Comfort GripOffers a blend of tack and cushion, ensuring control and comfort.
Power Swing WeightCalibrated for players aiming to achieve maximum power and momentum.
SBC Turbine End CapImproves the bat's aerodynamics, promoting faster swing speeds.

Top Competitors

The CAT9 Connect swings heaviest for pure power, but the Select PWR prioritizes bat speed for liners and bombs. Both Select PWR and Quatro Pro offer a balanced swing with a stiff composite handle for control and a powerful alloy barrel. The Quatro Pro prioritizes swing comfort for consistent contact, making all three bats great options depending on your hitting style.

Progression of the Louisville Slugger Select PWR

Here is a list that details the progression of this series, highlighting the main features and advancements with each new model.

2019 - Select 719
  • Introduced as a hybrid bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle.
  • VCX™ Vibration Control connection system allows independent movement between the barrel and handle
  • Features an end-loaded swing weight for power hitters.
  • SPEED Ballistic Composite End Cap optimizes swing speed. 
2020 - Select PWR
  • Enhanced with a more pronounced end-loaded swing weight compared to its predecessor for power hitters.
  • Continued use of the VCX™ Vibration Control technology for improved feel and reduced vibration.
  • EXD™ Alloy barrel for increased barrel length and sweet spot.
  • Premium RTX™ end cap design maximized barrel shape and sweet spot.
2021 - Select PWR
  • Upgraded VCX2™ Vibration Control Connection System for better feel and reduced vibration.
  • EXD Alloy extended barrel for a larger sweet spot.
  • PWR End Cap enhances momentum and power on swing. 
2022 - Select PWR
  • Maintains its signature end-loaded swing weight and VCX2™ Vibration Control Connection System.
  • Introduces the LS Pro Comfort Grip™ for better tack and cushion, enhancing control and feel.
  • Continues with the EXD Alloy barrel and PWR End Cap for maximizing power and swing speed. 
👍 Pros
The PWR has a large sweet spot, making it perfect for power hitters, even in colder weather.
This bat is amazing! With a slight end load and tons of pop, it's the perfect choice for any player.
This bat is super forgiving on the hands, has no vibration in the handle, and is more durable than other bbcor bats ive tried.
👎 Cons
Unfortunately, after the first tournament it already has a slight rattle in the barrel.
After hitting two foul balls, the bat got scratched beyond my expectations.
This bat has no pop. It feels like a USA bat. I'd use it as a cage bat.

The Louiseville Select PWR bat is one of the hottest bass out there for hybrids. The BBCOR model is a heavier bat and is in the same category as The Goods by DeMarini. Only about 20% of the market is going to be able to use this bat just because of it’s weight. It’s designed for a power hitter who likes a stiff feel and big barrel.


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