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Used Oakley Radar EV Sunglasses
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Black Oakley Radar EV Path
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Oakley M2 Frame XL
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Used Oakley M2 Model Glasses
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Oakley Prism Radars.
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Oakley Baseball Sunglasses Frequently Asked Questions

Oakley sunglasses are remarkable for their precise design and advanced technologies. With a variety of robust, sleek, and classic frame designs, Oakley sunglasses bring both style and performance. Here are the top sunglasses produced by Oakley:


Following the success of the older Radarlock, the Radar EV is known for its lightweight design and high definition optics for crystal clear vision. The Radar EV or Extended Version is expanded vertically compared and its size offers a larger viewing range, increased comfort, and comes with both polarized and iridium lens options.

Flak Jacket

Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses have a lightweight frame and provide outstanding durability and comfort. Available with polarized, Iridium or photochromic lens options, the interchangeable lens system allows for these sunglasses to be adapted to your specific preferences. The Flak Jacket features two lens variations; a standard lens and the XLJ. In general, the standard lens fits better if you have higher cheekbones, however, if you find sunlight is creeping in through the sides of the sunglasses, the larger XLJ lens would be the best option as it offers more coverage.


With a wider, wrap-around frame, the Oakley M2’s full visor lens provides maximum visibility. The M2 is lightweight and combines classic styling with maximum protection for a tried and tested design with unparalleled coverage. Like many of Oakley’s offerings, the M2 comes in both standard and XL sizes.

Half Jacket 2.0

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 offers a half frame design with a pressure/snap interchangeable lens system. The Half Jacket 2.0 is available with both standard and XL lense sizes, with the standard lenses offering a more classic, rounded cure whereas the XL lenses feature a flared design that provides extra coverage for peripheral vision

Radarlock and Radar

Slightly larger than the Radar but shorter than the Radar EV, the Radarlock is an older predecessor to the Radar EV and features many of the similar technologies as the Radar and Radar EV such as a lightweight design and large viewing range.