Volkl RTM Skis

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100 Volkl RTM JR Skis
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Volkl RTM Downhill Skis Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Volkl’s RTM skis are perfect for someone looking for a more traditional, frontside carving ski that has additional width underfoot. Loaded with Volkl’s UVO dampening system and a wood-based core, the RTM’s give off a smooth feel at high speeds while their 3D.Ridge Technology provides a thicker channel down the center of the ski and a thin sidewall that reduces overall weight. Volk’s newly designed 3D.Glass construction adds extra stability and power along the ski’s sidewalls. While there are several models of the RTM’s available based on the skis’ width underfoot, the RTM 76’s with the vMotion 1 binding system are an ideal match for any beginner or intermediate skier.

Expert Notes

The Volkl RTM line is among the easiest skis to turn in, and overall are one of the most stable, sought-after all-mountain skis on the market. The 3D Ridge construction serves to provide torsional stiffness that shortens periods of chatter. The XTD Tip and Tail (aka early rise tip and tail) results in a more centralized contact point between the ski and the snow, providing unmatched swing weight for blower tree skiing and quick mogul runs. The RTM and an under-foot camber profile gives the skier stable edge grip and consistent contact throughout on-piste arcs. These skis will let you ride aggressively with little effort.