Nike Vapor 2.0 Lacrosse Heads

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Nike Vapor 2.0 Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Nike Vapor 2.0 is a highly durable and ultra-lightweight lacrosse head that is a perfect fit for developing players, thanks in large part to the angle of the pocket and the scoop design. The scoop is slightly rounded, which makes picking up ground balls a lot easier, and the angle of the sidewalls allows for the perfect mid-low pocket. The sidewall profile and the low pocket for the Nike Vapor 2.0 create effortless vertical cradling; these features contribute to a smooth and quick release. Featuring HyperLite Technology, the Nike Vapor 2.0 gives you all of the advantages of a lightweight head without sacrificing overall durability.

Expert Notes

The Nike Vapor 2.0 is the perfect head for players transitioning from the youth level to higher levels of lacrosse. Overall, the head is very user friendly and helps develop a player’s fundamentals. Players love the rounded scoop of the head because it helps make ground balls easier by allowing for some wiggle room, as many approaches and angles can be taken towards a ground ball with consistent success. Also, the back sidewall is designed perfectly to make a mid-low pocket; great for players looking to develop their passing and shooting skills without losing the ball. This pocket design also is great for players looking to cradle one-handed while clearing and dodging defenses. The head also features Nike’s Hyper Lite technology that decreases weight and increases strength. The Nike Vapor 2.0 is a great choice for players looking to develop their fundamentals and hone more advanced skills.