Nike Lakota 2 Lacrosse Heads

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Nike Lakota 2 Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Notes

The Lakota 2 is the sequel to the original Lakota, a highly popular head and one of the most frequently used heads amongst all youth and high school players. As soon as the Lakota 2 came out, you slowly saw it taking over fields again because of its new features that build off of the original’s success. Made for offensive players, the Lakota 2 allows you to rip corners and control the ball like no other. A solid mid-pocket works best in this head, and will retain its hold and shape most easily. If you’re a fan of the original Lakota, or just looking to upgrade your head, the Lakota 2 is a no-brainer.

Product Description

The Lakota 2 was the most sought after head of 2018, and could be one of the most loved offensive heads by high school and youth players. It is incredibly lightweight and durable, offering a quick release and a boost of power on your shots. This head incorporates Lacelock technology that helps hold stringing knots in place and secures down the mesh to the scoop and sidewall. Thanks to the deep mid pocket setup, it allows for premium ball control. The head’s scoop has a slight point at the top, which provides the option to produce a great channel. The incorporation of a short throat gives the player the option of maximum hand positioning and control of the overall stick.