Nike Alpha U Lacrosse Heads

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Nike Alpha U Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Nike Alpha U head is one of the top lacrosse heads that’s specifically designed for defensive players. The head features a reinforced sidewall and a wide scoop to help defensive players snag ground balls. The scoop is also rounded to help the ball transition quickly from the turf to the center of the pocket. The reinforced sidewall includes a flat piece that connects the upper and lower sidewall together to increases stiffness and strength; essentially, the head does not bend. The wide design of the head also helps create the perfect mid-high pocket for defenders to focus on power. In addition, the string holes are perfectly placed to make tight, crisp channels in any mid-high pocket. The Nike Alpha U is a universally legal head that’s perfect for any defensive player who desires strength, accuracy, and durability.

Expert Notes

Nike’s driving concept behind the Alpha U was to create a defensive head that matched the look and feel of past Nike lacrosse heads. They took their popular sidewall design and adjusted it to fit the needs of a defensive head. Nike widened the face shape so that it’s better suited to intercept passes and scoop up ground balls. Along with that, Nike made the sidewall much bulkier. Overall, if you’re a defenseman and a fan of Nike’s previous heads, the Alpha U is a great option for you.