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STX Shield 300 Black Large goalie glove
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Retail price: $109
STX Black Shield 300 Small Goal gloves
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Retail price: $109
Used Brine 13" Goalie Gloves
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Retail price: $100
Maverick M5 Goalie Gloves
Retail price: $140

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Goalie Lacrosse Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Lacrosse goalies do wear special gloves, though not too much different than those used by the other positions. Goalies need protection for the fingers, hand and the thumb, so they can make a save. Lacrosse goalie gloves are made with a number of materials, including nylon and leather which offers more protection than most attack and middie gloves. Most lacrosse gloves have added protection in key areas including the index finger, thumb and hand area which lasts longer and tears less than your run-of-the-mill attack or defense lacrosse gloves.