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Under Armour Engage 13.5”
Retail price: $169

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Under Armour Lacrosse Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

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From: $35 - $58
7 available
#2 in Gloves

About the Under Armour Command Pro 2

If you're looking a lacrosse glove that offers increased durability and ultimate flexibility, the Under Armour Command Pro 2 is a good bet. It's a top-tier glove built for players in attack, midfield, or defense.

ModelPriceBuilt ForPosition
Under Armour Command Pro 2$$$$Increased durability and ultimate flexibilityAttack, Midfield, or Defense

Under Armour Command Pro 2 - Key Features

  • Floating Armour technology for improved thumb protection.
  • AX Suede™ palm for increased durability.
  • Suspension Pad technology for ultimate flexibility.