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Used Mission Size 8 Inhaler WM03 Inline Skates
Retail price: $400
Bauer Vapor x500r inline size 5r
Retail price: $200
Used Inline Skates
Retail price: $199

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Used Inline Skates Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for used inline skates can be intimidating at first given the wide variety of options available. The best way to narrow down your search is to figure out what activities you’ll be doing with your inline skates.

If you’re an inline hockey player, you’ll obviously be in the market for inline hockey skates from brands like Bauer, CCM, Mission, and Tour. These skates generally have a similar boot and overall structure to ice hockey skates, with the major difference being that they obviously have wheels instead of blades.

If you’re going to be skating outdoors for leisure, your best bet will be to look at fitness, urban, or recreation inline skates depending on your skill level and performance needs. Rollerblade and K2 are among the most popular brands here.

Finally, if you are inline speed skating you will want to look at race skates. Here you’ll find tons of options from Rollerblade and Powerslide.