CCM HG12 Hockey Gloves

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CCM HG12 Hockey Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

HG12 pro stock gloves from CCM are a great option for elite players who want to look and feel like the pros. The padding along the backhand is designed to move as you move, which promotes better flexibility all around. HG12s feature durable PU in their exterior, and HD foam and PE inserts combine to provide a lightweight, ultra protective experience.

The palms of the HG12 gloves are reinforced to increase durability, but they’re still incredibly soft to provide you great comfort and feel while you’re stick handling or shooting. For increased mobility and better hold on your stick, the HG12’s feature a segmented KFS lock thumb.

Expert Notes

HG12 gloves are extremely comfortable and perfectly tailored to the shape of any player’s hand. Initially, you may find that these gloves are slightly restrictive; however, it should only take about a week to break them in and get used to them. The extended wrist cuff moves independently from the rest of the glove, which allows for a full range of motion while offering tons of forearm protection. If you wear smaller elbow pads, HG12 gloves could be a good option for you to make up for the lack of protection from your elbow pads. The palms of these gloves are insanely comfortable, and hold up extremely well against wear and tear.