TaylorMade R15 Golf Drivers

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TaylorMade R15 Golf Drivers Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

TaylorMade R15 drivers are a low spin driver with a large sweet spot and are available in a classic black or matte white finish. The Front Track Adjustability system acts like a Speed Pocket to reduce spin and expand the sweet spot for maximum ball speed and to retain consistent ball speed on mis-hits. There are two 12.5 gram sliding weights in the sole to give the golfer more options for launch conditions, shot shape, and overall performance. Designed to combine maximum distance with optimal adjustability, the R15 driver features a lower and forward center of gravity (CG) to increase launch angle and decrease spin. The R15 driver offers more adjustability with a 4-degree loft sleeve in addition to the 25 grams of adjustable weight in the soled.

Expert Notes

The R15 is one of the longer drivers on the market, and you will not be disappointed by its performance. It has an excellent feel and you will know exactly where you missed it (if you do miss). Looking down on the white crown, the driver is extremely forgiving and even your miss hits will end up almost in the fairway. Designed for lower handicap players, this club mainly hits the ball straight. You won’t experience much curve on shots with this club at all. Like the SLDR, this driver uses a low-forward center of gravity, which produces the lowest spin possible to increase distance and trajectory. Lastly, the R15 is very adjustable, making it a great option for a variety of players.