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Rawlings Baseball Batting Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Rawlings batting helmets?

Since 188, Rawlings has been working to provide quality, high-performance sporting goods for professional and amateur baseball players alike. Born from a labor of intensive research and engineering, the Mach Senior Two-Tone Matte helmet with an EXT flap is a helmet that offers the ultimate levels of protection and comfort. Featuring impact-absorbing foam padding and facial coverage, this helmet provides its wearer complete confidence and peace of mind while playing.

The Mach Senior Two-Tone matte helmet is marketed as a senior helmet, which will fit players with a head circumference between 7.25" and 7.75". Players with a head circumference between 6.5" and 7 1/8" should opt for a junior size instead. Be sure to consult a Rawlings batting helmet sizing chart to confirm what size you should buy.