Easton Z5 Baseball Batting Helmets

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Easton Z5 Batting Helmet Buying Guide

About Easton Z5 Batting Helmets

The best selling Easton Z5 is an inexpensive, intermediate-level batting helmet built for players seeking excellent protection and shock absorption.

With a high-impact resistant ABS plastic shell for excellent protection, a dual-density foam system for shock absorption, and a Bio-Dri™ liner for moisture-wicking breathability, the Easton Z5 batting helmet provides top-of-the-line protection.

ModelPriceLevel of PlayBuilt For
Easton Z5$$$IntermediateExcellent protection and shock absorption

Easton Z5 - Key Features

  • A high-impact resistant ABS plastic shell for excellent protection.
  • A dual-density foam system for shock absorption.
  • A Bio-Dri™ liner for moisture-wicking breathability.

Easton Z5 - Specs

ModelShellMeets NOCSAE StandardsProtection
Easton Z5ABS plasticYesDual-density foam system
  • Shell: ABS plastic
  • Meets NOCSAE Standards: Yes
  • Protection: Dual-density foam system