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Rawlings Quatro Pro Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Quatro Pro delivers a balanced combination of power and speed to enhance each swing. Its standout feature is its two-piece composite construction designed to deliver an optimal sweet spot, maximum pop, and reduced vibration. Rawlings has been an iconic name in baseball equipment since 1887, and the Quatro Pro series is the most technologically advanced bat the brand has ever designed. Every detail of the Quatro Pro is the result of number-crunching and meticulous engineering, intended to elevate each aspect of a player's swing.

Perfect bat for:
Youth through collegiate-level players looking for maximum bat speed.

Key features include:

Two-Piece Composite ConstructionDelivers a smooth feel on contact and reduces vibration for greater comfort and control.
Added Handle Stiffness30% added stiffness and Lizard Skins™ Grip helps you get through the zone faster.
Ultra-light End CapMakes it easier for players to achieve faster swing speeds and extended reach through the zone.
Suspended Inner BarrelProvides a longer barrel, a larger sweet spot, and a more balanced swing.
Longitudinal FlexComposite layering for enhanced trampoline across the length of the barrel.
Reconstructed Collar AssemblyFor a stiffer, focused flex, eliminating barrel drag while maintaining vibration reduction qualities.

Top competitors comparison

The Rawlings Quatro Pro stands out for its two-piece composite construction and Flex Technology, offering unparalleled pop and reduced vibration. While the Meta emphasizes its premium alloy barrel for a massive sweet spot, and the CF Zen is celebrated for its balanced swing weight and 3Fusion Connection system that optimizes energy transfer, the Quatro Pro's unique combination of technologies ensures a superior feel, outstanding performance, and minimum hand sting, making it a preferred choice among competitive hitters.

Progression of the Rawlings Quatro Pro Baseball Bat

Here is a list that details the progression of this series, highlighting the main features and advancements with each new model.

2019 - Quatro Pro
  • Upgraded with a newly designed longitudinal flex for enhanced trampoline effect across the barrel.
  • Introduction of the Focused Flex collar assembly to eliminate barrel drag while maintaining vibration reduction.
  • Re-engineered composite layering for even greater durability and performance.
2020 - Quatro Pro USA
  • Adjustments made for USA Baseball certification, including enhancements to meet the specific performance standards.
  • Maintained the critical features of balance, reduced vibration, and Flex Barrel technology.
  • Improved weight distribution for an even more balanced feel.
2021 - Quatro Pro BBCOR
  • Tailored for high school and collegiate play with BBCOR certification.
  • Reinforced connection point to reduce vibration further and improve feel.
  • Enhanced composite layering for superior durability and power through the hitting zone.
2022 - Quatro Pro
  • New Lizard Skins grip for improved handle feel and comfort.
  • Continuation of the Flex Barrel technology and focusing on improving the composite material for peak performance.
  • Updated aesthetics and vibration-dampening features for an optimal hitting experience.
👍 Pros
I tried the Quatro Pro bat and was surprised by its pop, even though it sometimes feels too light.
If you are searching for a composite bat that offers balance, then this bat is a fantastic choice.
The Quatro Pro has a lot of pop and zero vibration. It has a good sweet spot and is all-around a good bat.
👎 Cons
The knob broke off after only six months of use. We contacted Rawlings and they sent us a new bat as a replacement. Unfortunately, the knob on the new bat broke off again after just three months of use.
Small sweet spot and weird swing weight.
Not a big fan of the Rawlings 2-piece bats. They can’t withstand heavy use over time.

The Quatro Pro launched in 2019. Even today, it's one of the hottest bats out there. If you can find one, the Quatro Pro is a great performer; it is lightweight, easy to swing, and has a ton of pop. Probably one of the top five BBCOR bats of all time. The first two years had breakage issues. Since then, Rawlings has made some adjustments to the barrel, thickened the sidewalls and made the bat more durable, but in doing so, they lessened the performance. The later models are not as popular as the early ones.


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