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2020 Rawlings Quatro
Retail price: $250
Rawlings Quattro Pro
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Rawlings Quatro Baseball Bats Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Are you a middle-of-the-order hitter? Do you prefer a longer barrel? Are you looking for a baseball bat that offers the perfect blend of flex, balance, and distance from the plate? Well, may we suggest the Rawlings Quatro? Quatro bats are known for their killer performance for hitters at all levels of the game.

Rawlings’ patented hinge system provides a focused flex, which helps hitters generate incredible pop. A lightweight endcap reduces swing weight and helps generate great swing speed, while vibration dampening technology reduces hand sting to prevent any pain when you make contact with a pitch. For elite level hitters, be sure to check out the Quatro College/High School Bat (-3), or the 2018 Quatro USA Baseball Bat (-10).

Expert Notes

The Rawlings Quatro features a decent sized barrel and has little to no feedback on the hands during mishits. It’s one of the best BBCOR bat options out there, in our opinion. The exit speed is phenomenal, and the only drawback we’ve noticed is that it’s not very durable.

The only major difference between the 2018 Quatro and the 2017 version is the swing weight. Although the swing weight change is not very dramatic (aka they did not go all the way from an end load to a balanced) it is enough to make a noticeable difference. The swing weight change was created by the redevelopment of the end cap and the extended inner sleeve. More bulk was removed from those elements, which caused the swing weight to drop significantly. The principle is simple enough: the more weight that is taken from the end of a bat, the less strength is required to spin it around by the knob. This insight relies on the basic principles of Mass Moment of Inertia (or MOI).