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30” Axe Bat
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AXE Avenge Baseball Bats Frequently Asked Questions

Product Descriptions

Axe Avenge BBCOR certified bats deliver ACR hitting zone technology for maximum barrel performance, power, and speed. With a 270 degree engineered hitting zone, the Avenge is designed for maximum performance, strength, and durability. The perfect combination of power and speed, the Avenge utilizes carbon hyperwhip end cap technology to reduce weight distribution at the end of the baseball bat and a vibration canceling system (VCS) to reduce hand vibrations for a smoother shock absorbing swing. Added in 2019, the 3-piece composite bat construction and the charged carbon barrel provides improved performance along the length of the barrel in addition to a lighter swinging bat that feels smoother on mishits. The flex handle with shock absorbing endogrid technology built into the handle maximizes whip through the hitting zone, enhances overall comfort, and reduces bottom hand vibrations.

Export Notes

Early in the lineup hitters, as well as the occasional power guy, will like this bat’s performance. If you thought the Axe Avenge via 2018 swung a bit too heavy for you then it would be time to reconsider the 2019 version. The latest model features a lighter swing weight. All in all, the 2019 Avenge is a lighter swinging bat with a larger usable barrel size and a smoother feel on mishits. These differences are in large part due to changes in the composite make up (to a "charged carbon") that allows for longer performance along the length of the barrel.