Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Baseball Gloves & Mitts

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Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Baseball Gloves & Mitts Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Few gloves available today can rival the Flare in terms of catching surfaces and overall design. With a 15 percent wider catching area compared to traditional gloves, the Flare is an infielder’s best friend. Professional-grade, oil infused leather gives the glove an ultra-durable and comfortable feel on your hand, while extra-wide lacing provides strength both in the pocket and along the sides.

Expert Notes

The Pro Flare is an average glove when it comes to its leather construction and durability level. It is considered a “hold me over” glove, meaning that it is good for one to two years of consistent use before it becomes too worn down and the leather becomes wrinkly. Although Louisville Slugger is a highly respected company, they’re not know for their glove making. As a result, this glove is recommended for players who are looking to buy a backup glove, so it should be considered for high school players who are playing enough baseball that they could use a second glove in their arsenal.