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Nordica Enforcer Downhill Skis Frequently Asked Questions

About the Nordica Enforcer

The Nordica Enforcer is a ski built for tremendous response and reduced vibrations.

As a top-tier, expert level ski, the Nordica Enforcer features numerous performance enhancing technologies for exceptional versatility.

With a full wood core sandwich + carbon chassis for tremendous response, a rocker-camber blend for exceptional versatility, and improved dampening technology for reduced vibrations, the Nordica Enforcer is a top-tier ski with top-of-the-line performance.

ModelPriceBuilt For
Nordica Enforcer$$$$Tremendous response and reduced vibrations

Nordica Enforcer - Key Features

  • Rocker-camber blend for exceptional versatility.
  • Full wood core sandwich + carbon chassis for tremendous response.
  • Improved dampening technology for reduced vibrations.