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Nike Vapor 360 Elite
Retail price: $200

Nike Vapor Lacrosse Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Nike is known for making world class sneakers and cleats for all sports. The case is no different for men’s lacrosse. If you’re in need of an upgraded pair of lacrosse cleats, be sure to check out the selection of Nike Vapor lacrosse cleats we have on site. Nike’s Vapor line has several iterations at this point, including the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 and the Nike Vapor 2. The Untouchable cleats are technically football cleats, but because of the nature of lacrosse and how the movements are similar to that of football, plenty of lacrosse players opt to wear football-style cleats. The Nike Vapor 2 cleats will offer you a durable upper combined with a dynamic lockdown, and exceptional traction to provide you with the best experience when you’re out their making dodges and sharp cuts on the field.

Expert Notes

Nike came up with the perfect concept for a cleat for all lacrosse players. The Vapor cleat comes in different styles, ranging from low profile to high top, along with different colors and patterns. The 12-stud configuration along the bottom of the cleat provides maximum grip on the field, allowing you to cut without worrying about slippage. The lightweight fit and feel is what will give you an unrivaled advantage on the field.