Warrior Noz 2 Lacrosse Heads

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Warrior Noz 2 Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Warrior Noz 2 lacrosse head is one of the best face-off heads of all time and features lightweight properties that face-off specialists love. One of the lightest lacrosse heads weighing in at only 4.3 ounces, this head is perfect for the face-off midfielder looking for a quick release. The TruOffset Technology lowers the center of gravity in the head and helps to create a deeper pocket for improved ball control and shot velocity. The exclusive NOZ technologically works to drastically reduce the weight of the head and to provide a better feel and increased speed. The Warrior Noz 2 features a classic shape and design and is so popular that in the past many years limited production runs of this model have sold out extremely fast.

Expert Notes

The Warrior Noz 2 is the perfect head for FOGOs and offensive players centered around raw speed and quickness. This is one of the lightest heads in the history of lacrosse designed by using unique technology to eliminate excess material but still maintain strength. The head is created with gas-assisted molding in which nitrogen is injected into the head to reduce weight. FOGOs love this aspect because it improves their hand speed and reaction time from the moment the whistle sounds. Combined with a higher flexibility, this gives them an unmatched advantage over every opponent because it makes it easier to pinch-and-pop to create instant offense. Attackmen and offensive midfielders also love this feature because it increases their shot speed and accuracy by offering more ball control. The lighter head means additional torque as well. Whether you’re trying to make an impact at the X or on offense, the Warrior Noz 2 is a great head to add to your arsenal at any level of play.