Warrior Evo 2.0 Lacrosse Heads

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Warrior Evo 2.0 Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Warrior Evolution 2.0 lacrosse head is one of the longest running models in the Warrior line and has stood the test of time. Recommended for offensive attack and midfielders, this head features a pinched design at the throat that is a must-have for those who end up with one-hand carries up the field. The open sidewall design makes this head extremely lightweight and the patented TruOffset technology creates a lowered pocket for increased ball control and extra power on shots. The Warrior Evolution 2.0 utilizes EZ Scoop technology, which is a rounded scoop that makes it easier to pick up ground balls while on the run. The Warrior Evo 2.0 includes everything you love about the original design, but just revamped and re-styled.

Expert Notes

The Warrior Evo 2.0 comes from one of the most trusted brands with a reputation of designing the next great product. The tightly pinched throat is perfect for players who often cradle one-handed and desire a lot of whip. Players love that the head itself has a softer feel than other new heads, and this helps create more hold and ball control while shooting and distributing the ball. This head is great for beginners, as it has a wide face and a Warrior EZ Scoop, which helps youth players who are still developing their technique pick up ground balls more easily. The head also has an open sidewall design that helps maintain a lightweight, sturdy core. Overall, the Warrior Evo 2.0 is a great head to help newer players develop their skills, and the head is legal at the NFHS and Youth levels of play.