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STX Shield Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The STX Shield is one of the highest regarded goalie heads on the market because of the stiff design and lightweight feel. The head uses C-Channel technology to help improve strength in the areas that experience the most impact; this also increases stiffness and stability to enable consistent outlet passes. The head also has a ergonomic throat that helps improve wrist mobility for goalies that play with their upper palm right at the bottom of the head. The top rail also helps create a consistent and tight channel to increase accuracy on clears and ground balls.

Expert Notes

It’s true that there are many fewer options available to goalies compared to field players when it comes to lacrosse heads. STX aims to cater to goalies by being one of the leading manufacturers of goalie-specific heads. The Shield is a big advancement over the original Eclipse, and there are many features that set it apart. To start, the new throat design was developed into a newer shape that allows goalies to slide their top hand up higher on their shaft. This, ultimately, helps lead to fewer rebounds. Another improvement? The rigidity of the head. Stiffness is key for blocking as many shots as possible, and from all different angles. The STX shield is one of the stiffest goalie heads on the market.