Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Heads

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Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Epoch Hawk lacrosse head features a distinctive look with its laid-back profile and lowered scoop, but aesthetics aside, it was designed to be one of the most technologically advanced heads on the market at its time of development. This head is not limited to specific positions like most heads on the market today, but rather it can be labeled as an all-purpose head featuring a mid to high-pocket. The Hawk is constructed from a composite injected polymer for optimal strength and durability and provides the opportunity for Epoch to increase or decrease the stiffness by altering materials during manufacturing. The Epoch Hawk also features a Grooved Scoop to help vacuum up ground balls from any angle. The Epoch Hawk was created with optimal feel and ball control in mind and has a fairly good balance of flex while also providing adequate stiffness.

Expert Notes

The Epoch Hawk is one of the top all-purpose heads with great feel and control while having possession of the ball. The head features an offset with an upper third face shape to improve accuracy and power in shooting and passing, while also maintaining stiffness to allow for hard checks and easy ground balls. The tight pinch of the throat and the wide scoop help create the ideal mid-high pocket with a crisp and concise release. Offensive players love this aspect because it creates pinpoint accuracy to feed into the tightest windows, and to sting corners. Defensive players love this head because of the advantages that the wide, stiff scoop helps create on ground balls over other players. They also love the stiffness of the head because it allows them to land hard takeaway checks on elite offensive players without worrying about bends, breaks, or cracks. The Epoch Hawk is a universally legal head great for well-rounded players looking to make an impact all over the field, or to excel in their position.