Brine Triumph X Lacrosse Heads

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Brine Triumph X Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Brine Triumph X lacrosse head continues to be one of the most popular defensive heads on the market. Constructed from reinforced Core-Tech, Brine has engineered maximum stiffness in strategic areas of the sidewalls for added durability and strength. By eliminating materials inside the sidewall and reducing extra weight with Core-Tech, the Brine Triumph X is super stiff and ultra-lightweight. This head features a high pocket with max sidewall stringing holes for ultimate pocket customization. The flatter scoop makes it easy to scoop up ground balls on the run and the wider face contributes to more picks and breakaways. NFHS and NCAA legal, the Brine Triumph X is one of the toughest defensive heads available.

Expert Notes

The Brine Triumph X head is beloved by close defenders and long-stick middies (LSMs) because it is a wider head perfect for scooping ground balls and picking off passes. Defensive players love the wide face and flat scoop design of the head because it allows them to dominate offensive players by intercepting their passes and sparking easy transition. The flat scoop helps players quickly scoop ground balls out of a scrum and find their outlets to safely secure possession and clear the ball. The head is especially great for LSMs off of a faceoff. The wide design of the head is perfect for players who want high pockets, and with maximum string holes on the sidewall, they can customize their channels to their style of play. Players also love the stiffness and strength of the head. The plastic is made with a Core-tech sidewall, allowing defenders to land hard takeaway checks and scoop through any ground ball. The Brine Triumph X is a universally legal head perfect for lockdown defenders to make their presence felt on the field.