Brine King X Lacrosse Heads

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Brine King X Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The King X Lacrosse head was the first Brine head to be made with an updated face shape. The redesigned face shape hasn't been seen in any previous Brine head before, as it features a much longer and wider shape compared to past models. This allows for better ball control that will easily advance your game to the next level. The new technology in this head allows it to be significantly lighter, but also stronger at the same time. Thanks to its combination of strength, weight, and innovative shape, this head is an absolute offensive weapon.

Expert Notes

The Brine King X head is the perfect head for attackmen and offensive middies who love to operate behind the net. Players love the longer face shape of the head because it allows for the strings to get tied tighter to the sidewall, creating a more consistent and crisp channel to generate a higher shot velocity and better accuracy. Players also love the wide, flat scoop design of the head. This allows the player to take a wider range of scoop angles and have a faster transition from the turf to the center of the player’s pocket. The flat scoop also helps maximize tension on the top of the mesh to make a more focused release point at the top of the channel. The head is also made of a very stiff material to prevent breaks, bends, and cracks.