Brine Clutch Elite X Lacrosse Heads

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Brine Clutch Elite X Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Brine Clutch Elite X head features new technologies in order to decrease the head’s weight without sacrificing strength. The Core Technology creates a stronger inner sidewall to centralize the weight and strength of the head, which also helps to decrease the head’s overall weight. The head also features maximum offset to increase the depth of the pocket so that players can have more hold and better ball control. Perfectly placed sidewall holes allow you to build the perfect mid-high pocket with a wide, accurate channel. The head also features a wide, flat scoop to help give players a variety of approach angles to scoop up ground balls no matter the situation. The Brine Clutch Elite X is a universally legal head that’s perfect for two-way midfielders looking for a strong, stiff, and accurate head.

Expert Notes

With the Clutch Elite X head, Brine addressed all of the pain points from previous heads to make a very solid product. The biggest change is the addition of Brine’s new Core-Tech sidewall design. It's made to provide extra strength where it’s needed, in the weaker spots of the head. This revamped sidewall design also provides a way to make the head lighter while adding stiffness. Besides the new technology featured in this head, it also has a more modernized look overall. The newly designed throat allows for better hand placement and greater overall performance.