Brine Clutch 2X Lacrosse Heads

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Brine Clutch 2X Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

The Brine Clutch 2X lacrosse head is one of the most popular heads on the lacrosse market due to its new appealing two-tone colors. The ideal combination of stiffness, durability and face shape, the Brine Clutch 2X head looks as good as it performs. Designed primarily for midfielders and attackmen this head is stiff and meets both NFHS and NCAA specs. The new face shape with reverse flared sidewalls help to channel the ball to the center of the pocket and the new angle of the scoop makes it easier to scoop ground balls. The pocket sits mid-high on the head giving a little more kick for the shooter and also adding for a little more pocket whip.

Expert Notes

The Brine Clutch 2X head is the first two-shot color head coming straight from the factory, and is perfect for two-way midfielders looking to dominate the entire length of the field. The two-shot color feature is really cool because it allows the player to customize specific sections of the head without adding weight like the normal head dying process does. This is perfect for players looking to express themselves or support their team colors without sacrificing the performance of the head. Players love the reverse flared sidewalls because they help funnel the ball to the center of the pocket, creating a quick transition from turf to channel. The Clutch 2X also comes with a reinforced scoop and throat, which helps increase the head’s strength and durability -- an ideal set up for players who land hard checks and slice through their opposing defenders. Offensive players also love the offset of the head because it creates pocket designs that maximize hold and control, helping keep the ball away from hard hitting defenders. Overall, the Brine Clutch 2X is a universally legal head great for newer players to develop the fundamentals of their game.