STX Assault Lacrosse Gloves

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STX Assault Lacrosse Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

STX Assault lacrosse gloves provide excellent protection with the perfect combination of grip, durability, comfort, and breathability. Featuring an improved palm design, these gloves are constructed of High Def Polymer for a lightweight feel and overall protection of the hands. The direct inject impact ribs create superior slash protection on the back of the hands, fingers, and wrists. The five-part knuckle design, four-part split thumb, and four-part cuff contribute to overall finger and wrist mobility and flexibility. Your hands will stay cool and dry with the new moisture-wicking inner liner.

Expert Notes

STX Assault lacrosse gloves are one of the premium pairs of lacrosse gloves on the market because of their lightweight protection and flexibility. These gloves feature direct inject impact ribs on the fingers which helps add sturdy material that is great for absorbing hard slashes while the user remains unfazed. But this glove is also very unique in the sense that it offers a five-part knuckle design and a four part split thumb. Players love both of these features because they provide unparalleled flexibility without sacrificing any protection or comfort. These split designs create individualized pads on the fingers and thumb that can be bent and controlled more easily. The STX Assault gloves come in 12”-14” hand sizes and are great for offensive and defensive players centered around flexibility and speed.