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Ducks Jerseys


  • League: National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Founded: 1993 (originally as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim)
  • Home Arena: Honda Center, Anaheim, California

Uniform Colors

  • Primary Colors: Black, orange, and gold
  • Home Uniform: Black with orange and gold accents
  • Away Uniform: White with black, orange, and gold accents
  • Alternate Uniform: Sometimes features throwback elements or special edition designs, often incorporating teal and purple reminiscent of their original "Mighty Ducks" branding.

Most Sought-After Ducks Player Jerseys

  1. Teemu Selanne: A franchise legend and Hall of Famer, Selanne's jersey remains a fan favorite long after his retirement.
  2. Paul Kariya: Known for his dynamic playing style, Kariya's jersey is highly coveted, especially from the "Mighty Ducks" era.
  3. Ryan Getzlaf: As the long-time captain and franchise leader, Getzlaf's jersey is extremely popular among Ducks fans.
  4. Corey Perry: Another key player in the Ducks' history, Perry's jersey is a top choice for fans.
  5. John Gibson: The current star goaltender, Gibson's jersey is a favorite among newer fans of the team.

Current Players

  1. Troy Terry: A rising star and key offensive player, Terry's jersey is increasingly popular among fans.
  2. Trevor Zegras: Known for his flashy playing style and skill, Zegras's jersey is highly sought after.
  3. Mason McTavish: A young and promising player, McTavish's jersey is becoming a fan favorite as he continues to develop.
  4. Cam Fowler: A reliable defenseman, Fowler's jersey remains a steady choice for many Ducks supporters.