Ping i25 Golf Iron Sets

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Ping i25 Golf Iron Sets Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Ping i25 Irons are more advanced technologically compared to the i20 irons, and are engineered for a variety of skill levels. Featuring ultimate levels of versatility and forgiveness, the progressive set design provides a specific function for each iron with regard to the center of gravity, bounce, and the offset. The long irons are extremely forgiving and increase ball velocity for added distance and a higher shot trajectory with their narrow face-stabilizing bars. The short irons create more control and inspire confident shots, and the wider bars produce a lower ball trajectory and softer feel. The mid-irons and wedges are more compact with less offset for improved accuracy and scoring. A high-density tungsten stabilizing weight in the head helps maximize energy transfer at impact while the Custom Tuning Port optimizes overall feel and creates trajectory control.

Expert Notes

The i25 irons are the newer model of the i20’s, with a few advancements. These irons are best suited for more advanced players, but a 10 handicap may get away with using them too. You will find the i25’s feature a bigger cavity, and the soles are wider to help with forgiveness and to get the ball up in the air. You may even hear a hollow sound when you hit them due to the large cavity, but don’t let that throw you off your game. The CTP is lower and less noticeable than it was in the i20’s. These clubs look cleaner and are extremely easy to hit. You will feel very comfortable playing with these.