Ping G30 Hybrid Golf Clubs

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Ping G30 Hybrid Golf Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Ping G30 Hybrids feature a lower profile and larger head for a playable hybrid that's designed for mid to high handicappers. The custom-engineered 17-4 stainless steel face is specifically designed to maximize ball speeds for longer distance shots. Combined with a unique H900 heat treated process, the thin and strong face increases face deflection for faster ball speeds and higher launch trajectories. Internal weight pads with heel-toe weighting elevates moment of inertia (MOI) for added forgiveness and enhanced performance. Featuring progressive center of gravity (CG), the mid to high lofted hybrids utilize a forward CG to reduce spin for greater accuracy. The Ping G30 Hybrid comes standard with the TFC 419H stock shaft with a higher balance point to increase MOI for more forgiveness.

Expert Notes

The G30 hybrids from Ping are a very neutral club option, and are extremely forgiving. They don’t have a ton of offset, and they have little draw bias. This makes them much straighter off the tee, and you won’t have to worry about hitting a big draw. These hybrids will fly higher than their predecessor, the G25’s, thanks to the CG being deeper; plus, the face on the G30 is specifically designed to increase ball speeds. A higher ball flight results in the ball stopping quicker and easier for those approach shots.