Ping G400 Golf Fairway Woods

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Ping G400 Golf Fairway Woods Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

Ping G400 Fairway Woods are a high-launching fairway that features a maraging steel face with more flexion for added speed and distance. The C300 maraging steel is one of the strongest alloys in the world and is ideal for the G400 to deliver more flexing power for faster ball speeds and to launch shots farther and higher. The ultra-thin crown equipped with Turbulators help to reduce aerodynamic drag and create a faster and more streamlined design. Weight saved in the crown is repositioned lower for increased moment of inertia (MOI) and optimal center of gravity (CG) placement. The G400 Fairway has a lower leading edge that sits closer to the ground to enhance turf interaction and increase confidence from any lie. Ping’s G400 Fairway Woods come standard with a counter-balanced Alta CB Graphite Shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip with a non-slip surface pattern.

Expert Notes

Ping’s G400 fairway wood features a face that flexes 30 percent more, which makes them the hottest fairway woods produced on the market today. The clubface is made of C300 steel, which is extremely lightweight and flexible. This means no more intimidation from any lie. The sole design sits lower to the ground, allowing you to launch the ball higher here. Thanks to a low CG, these fairways woods are very forgiving. You will find the kick you need and see that extra distance you have been striving for. G400 fairway woods are available to take your game to the next level.