STX Cell Lacrosse Elbow Pads & Arm Pads

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STX Cell Lacrosse Elbow Pads & Arm Pads Frequently Asked Questions

Product Description

STX Cell arm pads are some of the most popular pads in the game. Their simple, thin design optimizes for player comfort. The sleeve is light and dynamic, which helps circulate airflow. The adjustable strap also provides additional stability to the player’s arm to reduce slippage. These are one piece arm pads that include side padding to protect your elbows from almost every angle. The exterior elbow section features a hard plastic cap that is enclosed by a breathable fabric to keep the player cool and wick away sweat. Ideal for lacrosse players at all levels, the STX Cell arm pads are great for two-way middies who are looking for strength and flexibility from their protective gear.

Expert Notes

Designed for defensive players, the STX Cell arm pads have been some of the top selling arm pads on the market for almost a decade. With their sleek minimalistic design, you barely notice they’re there. Not only are these pads comfortable, but they also offer a greater level of protection compared to some of their leading competitors. Another great quality is the breathability of Cell pads. Any seasoned lacrosse player will tell you how annoying it is to have your pads slipping off during a game because you’re too sweaty. The vents on Cell arm pads correct for this problem, and the pads also feature a rubberized grip to help prevent them from sliding around.