Seller Updates

Winter 2022: Seller Updates

Cash out to Venmo: US based sellers can now cash out their earnings to their Venmo accounts. All you need is a Venmo account with a verified phone number that matches your SidelineSwap phone number, then you can cash out to Venmo and receive your funds in minutes!

Bulk update listings on iOS: Manage your listings more efficiently with bulk updates on the iPhone app. Simply click “Select all” in your locker to bump, price drop, or remove multiple items at once!


Automatically price drop your gear: Looking to sell your gear faster? Look no further than Auto Price Drops, a new feature that automatically bumps and reduces the price of your item until you hit your price floor. For a reminder on how Price Drops work, read here.

When you toggle Auto Price Drop on you’ll be prompted to enter a “Price Floor”. SidelineSwap will then automatically reduce the price of the item by 10% every 14 days until you reach your designated Price Floor.


Update your own shipping labels on Sellers can now update their own shipping labels directly from the swap page. If a buyer and/or seller has the incorrect address at the point of sale, the seller can generate a new, revised label with the correct address/es. Please note, the new address needs to be added as the “Ship To” or “Ship From” address from the relevant party’s address settings.


Similarly, if you prefer to ship with your own tracking number, if you're unable to print the provided shipping label, or if your existing label is insufficient, you may purchase a new shipping label outside of SidelineSwap and update the swap with the new tracking information. Simply select “Use My Own Label” and input the relevant information for your shipping label.


Both of these features will also be made available on the iOS and Android Apps within the next few weeks!

List with ease with the new and improved listing page on We’ve streamlined our listing process to ensure a smoother, faster, and more transparent experience for our sellers. As part of this rebuild, you can now determine your earnings before setting your item price with our fee calculator tool. Simply input the amount you’d like to sell your gear for, select your sales count, and calculate your estimated earnings!


Seamlessly navigate your Swap Inbox on iOS: We’ve simplified the look of your Swap Inbox on the iOS app. Navigate to your inbox and easily click back and forth between your buying and selling tabs, and the respective folders within!

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