Seller Updates

Winter 2021: Seller Updates

January 2021

All notifications delivered to your Inbox: The latest version of the iOS app includes an upgraded Inbox. You’ll find a new “Updates” tab, which includes all your push notifications that are not related to swaps. This will help you more easily find notifications for who favorited your item, who followed your locker, which items you should price drop and more!


New homepage on web and home screen on iOS: Our new home page allows us to surface more personalized content for buyers, and highlight seasonally relevant content to help buyers discover all of our best deals. We’re just scratching the surface on what we want our homepage to look like so keep an eye for further updates.

"Recommended" sort order in browse: When browsing the results pages, the default sort order is now “Recommended”. We’ve introduced an algorithm that rewards our best sellers by putting their relevant items first. Sellers with low refund rates and fast shipping times will benefit the most, while sellers with high refund rates and/or slow shipping times will need to improve to show up higher in results. If you’re a new seller, we’ve also got you covered! We’ve designed the algorithm to ensure that new sellers’ listings are plenty visible so that they too can make sales and start building their rep. As always, bumps and price drops will still push items to the top of the item feed.


Fast Shipping filter: We recently added a “Delivery” filter in search for US users which gives buyers the option to access “Fast Shipping”. The Fast Shipping filter shows buyers items from sellers with the Fast Shipping badge, who live within a few hundred miles of them. Fast Shipping items typically arrive at the buyer’s doorstep within 1-4 business days. We’ve also added “Estimated Delivery Dates” on item pages, which is calculated by adding the seller’s average time to ship plus 1-3 business days. Coming soon: Fast shipping options for Canadian users!


SidelineSwap Gift Cards: Customers can now purchase SidelineSwap Gift Cards. Gift Cards are a particularly good option for our younger users who may not have access to their own debit or credit cards.

Continued marketing investments. As always, we’re working hard to get your gear in front of as many buyers as possible. In recent months, we’ve reached millions of potential new customers via Google search, Facebook and Instagram ads, marketing emails, and more. While COVID has undeniably had an impact on the demand for team sports gear in 2020, we expect that things will pick up in a big way in 2021!

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